Sunday, December 21, 2008


So after chipping our car out of its half inch encasement I need to retract my implications that Portlanders are wimps when it comes to snow. My winters in Utah never had the wind factor that we have here in Portland. I never had to chip thick ice off the car. Brrrrrr. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that Utahns or others are wimps by any means.

14.5 inches so far and we are expecting 5 more tomorrow and Christmas day! We are pretty much snowed in here for the holidays. So from Portland we wish you all a warm Christmas.

Let it Snow

The weather has been crazy recently. First there were freezing temperatures then snow then rain and now even more snow. There are probably 7-12 inches of snow outside right now and the freezing rain has just started. It's going to be a fun week. It's funny because at BYU nothing was canceled because of the snow. I still tromped to school in 2 feet of snow, but in Portland almost everything is closed when there is an inch of snow on the ground. Sounds a little pathetic but I guess it's just not common here. The roads are very slick so it is probably good to have as few people on the road as possible.

Church was canceled last week due to snow and it will probably be canceled again this week. We just hope the roads aren't too slick so we can make it over the hills to Tillamook to visit my parents and Valerie for Christmas. We picked Valerie up from the airport on Friday. We're glad that she made it here. After she landed they have pretty much shut down the airport. Almost all flights leaving Portland have been canceled until Sunday evening or Monday.

Hobbes has been enjoying the snow for small intervals through the day. The wind makes it feel so much colder that you can only stand being outside for a few minutes. Here are a few pictures I snapped of Hobbes enjoying the snow.

Here's Hobbes', "I'm ready to got inside now Mom" look!


Santa made an appearance at our Ward Family Breakfast. Hobbes was brave and didn't cry or squirm. He just liked looking at Santa's beard. I wasn't close enough to hear their conversation so I don't know what Hobbes wished to get for Christmas. They must have been having a good conversation because he was up there for about a minute. He had had enough of Santa and wanted to get down when Santa started to hang candy canes on his ears. Silly Santa.

Little Joys of Life

Hobbes loves to draw. I finally bought him a small pack of crayons a little while ago. He absolutely loves them. Mom does too now that he doesn't have to draw with pens anymore. This picture is of Hobbes right after we got home from the store. He plopped down on the floor and was coloring and organizing his crayons. I love being able to re-experience life with my son as he discovers and grows.