Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tillamook Part I

Hobbes and I visited half the family in Tillamook last week as we all gather for Liz to return home from her mission in Brazil. We will be heading over there again tomorrow after picking Liz up from the airport.

During our first trip there our days were filled with playing in the water, running around outside, chasing Misty the dog, and catching up with family. One morning Grandma Snyder asked some of the cousins to help her pick raspberries and strawberries in the garden. If people were going outside Hobbes wanted to tag along as well. After that first visit to the garden Hobbes couldn't get enough of it. He was always out there opening the gate and going in the garden. He wouldn't touch anything, he just enjoyed walking around in between the raised beds. He even convinced his cousin April Kunzler to join him.

But I think his favorite thing was having Grandma read him books!

Helping Mommy Work

Last week I had a lot of papers to shred. Hobbes liked watching and helping me empty the shredder into a bag or box to carry outside to the recycling bin. I stepped out to empty a box and wasn't gone for more than 30 seconds. Look at what I came back to find:

Why spend money on toys?

My adorable little boy!

Independence Day

Sadly this is the only picture that really turned out from our Independence Day celebration. Don't be fooled by the look on Hobbes' face, he really did enjoy the fireworks. This was just the last sparkler and it was very, very late and he was tired and ready to go to bed.

He talks about fireworks almost everyday now. He enjoyed the colors, sounds, and experience of a good firework show. Dad had to work that night so Hobbes and I spent the evening with Brendan's Dad, Shayne and Jen. It was a very fun evening.

Parks, Parks, Parks

Hobbes loves to go to the nearby parks. We try to go at least once a week if not more. I'm positive that if we didn't have a lock high up on our door, that Hobbes couldn't reach, that he would be out the door and on his way to the park everytime Mom turned her back on him. He is becoming so independent and likes to do things all by himself. He doesn't like help with ladders anymore. But he still needs help with the swings even though he says "no, no, no" when Brendan or I stand behind him or put our hand on his back. It's so fun to watch him as he interacts with other children at the park. He likes to look at them and then run away and pretend they are chasing him even if they aren't. He just laughs and gets a kick out of it.

Happy 2nd Birthday Hobbes!

Over 1 month ago Hobbes turned 2 years old. Here are a few pictures I snapped that day. I love the expression on his face when he is pulling the present out of the bag. He really likes his Spiderman Mr. Potato Head.