Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Brendan is finally done with his undergraduate education! Hip hip horray! Since he graduated in December they didn't have a ceremony, so sadly there aren't any pictures of him in the robes. Now he is just applying to lots and lots of jobs, as well as waiting to hear back from a Master's program. I hate being in this limbo of him not having a job and not knowing if he's been accepted for the Master's program. Ahhhhh, patience Jessica.


Ever since we brought Desmond home from the hospital, Hobbes has been a great brother to him.
Hobbes shares his toys with Desmond. Although, I must admit that he shared them more willingly with him when he was too little to do anything. Now that Desmond likes to actively play and likes to know things down Hobbes has a harder time sharing all his toys. But they still love playing together.

Hobbes watches out for his younger brother. Here Hobbes is putting extra blankets and a kitchen towel on Desmond while he naps.

Hobbes like giving Desmond rides around the house on this walker or in boxes or the laundry basket.

I'm so glad that my two boys love each other so much and can usually play so well together!

Desmond's 1st Haircut

Here's a before picture. His hair is curly and frizzy. He usually looks like he has mad scientist hair in the back.
The first cut:

Some after shots. He looks so much older to me with his baby curls gone. But he's still just as cute!

Toys and Legos

Hobbes loves building elaborate structures with his blocks and Legos. His favorite thing to do is elevate roads or train tracks.

Brendan made the following trains with Hobbes one evening.


We only received a small amount of snow this winter, but the boys still had fun tromping around in the snow.

Desmond's 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday Desmond! I can't believe he is already a year old. This first year has just flown by. Desmond has been such a joy to have in our family. He is very cuddly and loving. He'll walk over to our toy basket and pull out a stuffed animal and carry it all over the house and hug it. Or if you say "Give me a hug" he'll walk over to you and really give you a hug with his arms around you neck. He is very loud, vocal and points to everything and says "huh." Such a sweet and beautiful boy! He loved his birthday cake. Des definitely has a sweet tooth.

Backwards Boy

After asking Hobbes to dress himself this is the result. Almost every single article of clothing is on backwards. Even his underwear was on backwards. It looks like only one of his socks is on correctly. What a silly boy. He didn't seem to mind at all.


Hobbes behaved himself very well on Santa's lap this year at our ward's annual Christmas dinner. Desmond did great as well until Santa pointed Mom out to him. Then he lost it and started crying.

We harvested another Christmas tree from my parent's Christmas tree farm. Thanks again Mom and Dad. We put all the ornaments up higher on the tree so Desmond wouldn't pull them off, but he really wasn't very interested in the tree all that much.

Desmond knew exactly which stocking was his.

Several blocks away from our house is a street called Peacock Lane. Every year since the 1940's every house on the block has decorated their house and/or yard for Christmas. We walked through the lane this year and Hobbes really thought the lights were pretty.

My Dad created this manger scene for Christmas. He planned on having it outside, but set it up in the basement instead since he hadn't created an enclosure that would keep it safe from the elements outside yet.

I loved the recycled theme of the animals. Here are the sheep:

Ox and pigs:

Donkey (he looks like he could be mechanical):

I think Desmond enjoyed his first Christmas. He loved the bows and paper.

He really loved the rocking horses that Grandpa and Grandma Nash got for all the grandkids.


We spent Thanksgiving in Tillamook with my Mom and Dad and my sister Marianne and her family. Here is the table full of yummy food: The next day all the grandkids present helped Grandma set up the Christmas tree. Here are some shots of our Kunzler cousins and Hobbes hanging ornaments on the tree.

Desmond and Grandma Snyder: