Saturday, September 24, 2011


In May of this year the boys and I met up with a family of friends from our ward. They have two boys that are just about the same ages as our boys. We went to a local carnival (Dad was working so he couldn't come with us).

Here are Hobbes and his friend Van on a rollercoaster.

Desmond was too small for all the rides but he didn't seem to mind. He didn't even like the Merry-go-Round. After this picture he burst into tears and just settled for a ride in Mom's arms for the rest of the ride.

Hobbes, Van and Derek ("Van's Dad" as Hobbes calls him) went on a very long Ferris Wheel ride. They had fun looking around. Derek kept trying to get the boys to put their hands up when their cart was going down, but Hobbes kept his hand firmly placed on the lap bar.

I think Hobbes liked the Big Pink Slide the best.

We ended our day in a petting zoo. The boys had fun feeding the animals and petting them. Desmond particularly liked getting up close to the animals.

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